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A group of US Army Special Forces, the Delta Force perform a rescue mission on four hostages in a raid after staking out their captors' hideout for a day the first military rescue of foreigners caught up in Iraq's wave of kidnappings. This is the account from the Polish prisoner - Jerzy Kos:

Blinking through the blinding dust kicked up by helicopter rotors, Jerzy Kos saw soldiers bursting through the iron door of the house where he was held captive in Iraq. Then, they reassured him: "Don't worry, we are Americans."

The Polish businessman recounted his rescue from Iraqi kidnappers, along with three Italians, after an emotional homecoming at the Warsaw airport that left his voice trembling.

One of the Italians, Umberto Cupertino, gave a similar account on his return home, saying an American soldier cut the bonds on his wrist, said in English, "You're mine," and led him to a helicopter.

Kos, 64, a construction company director, described the rescue as a "fast and unexpected" operation.

He and the Italians were imprisoned in a house in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, until Tuesday, when they and their captors heard helicopters approaching. The door was then blown in, kicking up a dust cloud and knocking the hostages to the ground.

"There was lots of dust and you couldn't see through it. When I opened my eyes, I saw American soldiers," he said. "They said, `Don't worry, we are Americans.' They held our hands and we ran to the helicopter -- I will remember that for the rest of my life."

"They did it perfectly," Kos said at a news conference.

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"Your Delta boys, are a bunch of undisciplined cowboys."
Oh, ALICE, you back breaking bitch, how I love you so... MOLLE can't even come close.

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Обратите внимание на минуту 3.23 - у оператора АНВИС-маунт установлен вверх ногами

"Ирина, растудыть ея поперёкъ!" (с) Низверженie чернаго кречета

Trust me, I'm an engeneer

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