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вот есть интересная информация, думаю, стоит оживить тему.
https://sofrep.com/sofrep-radio/episode ... wikileaks/
phpBB [video]

особое внимание обратите на видео, где он показывает какую одежду носил на некоторых заданиях, и, что самое интересное, как она пошита.

в качестве лирического отступления, он рассказывает о гибели одного сотрудника в Ираке, подробности можно почитать здесь:
https://www.cia.gov/news-information/fe ... right.html
The CIA team was moving between Sulaimaniya and Kirkuk. Little did they know, they were traveling in a similar car to one that had been shooting up checkpoints and wreaking havoc earlier that day. The Iraqi Police had put out a BOLO on that car. The CIA had the BOLO information but failed to pass it on to the paramilitary team. The route the CIA team was traveling required them to pass several police and military checkpoints. The method of operations for getting through these checkpoints vary by mission and by team.

At the first checkpoint, the Iraqi Police (IP) tried forcibly removing the CIA men from their car. The CIA crew had no idea why this was occurring and held their ground. Seconds later, the IP opened fire on the vehicle. The CIA had no other choice but to escape and evade. The problem was that the road was one way into Kirkuk, one way out, with sand flanking each side. The IP radioed ahead and checkpoint after checkpoint joined in on chasing the CIA.

All hell had broken loose at this point. IP vehicles pulled up beside the CIA and unleashed hot lead into the driver’s side armored window. The armor would hold, but was quickly being compromised. The CIA operators were finally able to create distance between themselves and the closest IP vehicle. With the CIA’s car on fire and run-flat tires shredded, a crucial choice was made.

The team decided to evacuate from the car and take refuge in a small depression about 40 meters off the paved road. The sun was barely visible above the horizon. The lack of ambient light should have proved beneficial to the CIA team.

After an exchange of gunfire, the IP had begun to maneuver around the CIA team. The IP illuminated the CIA’s position with their headlights. The TL, recognizing they were outnumbered and outgunned, made the decision to shoot back at the IP’s headlights to conceal their position. This only aggravated the IP, who still failed to realize they were engaging friendly forces.

The TL kept calling out targets and assigning sectors of fire. During this exchange, Greg was hit in the leg. Greg announced his injury but confirmed that he was good to fight. The TL hammered away on his rifle, but soon after stopped getting responses from Greg. The TL turned around and viewed Greg’s lifeless body. He had bled out from the leg wound. Seconds later, the Iraqis overran the position and smashed the TL in the face, rendering him unconscious. The IP went on to strip both men of all their tactical gear and weaponry and distribute it among their men.

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